Minecraft Event!

Well hello there! It has been FOREVER since I wrote on this blog, mainly because I just started my new school (Five Ways), and home-school is over. My new school is great, but I still will always love home-schooling. Anyway, on with the post!

So a few days ago (Sunday), I went to Lunt Roman Fort in Coventry, a small Roman fort that I really enjoyed going to, to build it in Minecraft! It’s actually amazing how they knew where the Roman buildings were. From just information about standard Roman fort models, and a few dents in the ground, they were able to recreate a large area of the fort, including a big gatehouse at the entrance. Inside, they also have a small (but scaled) model of the fort as it would have been long ago! Coming back to the gatehouse; it is the only rebuilt one of a possible three, and it is:

  • Two huge doors
  • Steps up a grass bank to the next level (you can actually go into it!)
  • This level runs around the whole fort, allowing for defending at any side.
  • Two ladders to a top level, presumably for lookouts (or possibly archers) to stand on. (This was slightly rotting, meaning I wasn’t allowed up)
  • Also, a moat/deep trench running around the fort, forcing invaders and visitors to use the main path, raised up to normal height

When I arrived (along with about 7 other people) we all connected to the internet, plugged our computers in, and joined a minecraft server. Oh, but not just any minecraft server. A dedicated, lunt roman fort server! We all quickly sorted ourselves into build teams of two or three each, and begun on a particular area, making reference to the scaled model. Some people filled in holes, others built houses, and I built a chariot racing arena. We added horses, (until someone’s computer became so slow that they had to kill them, D: ). I helped build the ‘Mystery Building’, a building that’s position and design were known, but not its purpose. It was two small buildings next to each other, with a small shed, all contained inside a large fence. We got most of the fort done, and building the gatehouse was the most fun/tedious part. How can it be both?, you say. Well, we enjoyed building it, but we had to keep checking, and fixing, and breaking and remaking it! In the end it looked great though.

While we did this, another computer’s game was flown up high to look down on the build, and recording it. That means that soon, I will have (probably on youtube) a timelapsed video of the build! I watched it as we built, and it looks amazing! I’ll try to link to that, or at least add my own screenshots. Sadly, it is not my world, meaning I can’t leave a download link.

After we had done most of the build, however, the server was saved (ensuring our work was not lost) and restarted, and thus began the free-for-all! We all built bases and weapons (blowing up the fort in the process – don’t worry! We made a back-up world with it), then began fighting with about 3 people playing fairly, and 4 people cheating, flying and sitting in their unreachable base, as I tried vainly to get them down. In the end, we all just went on to the Hypixel server and played together.

On the whole, it was a great day with fun, building and merciless attacking of each other (in minecraft, obviously)!


Glitch Art Pt.2; The glitching begins!

Hello! You may remember that I made a (rather undetailed and short) blog post about my Glitch art. Well, today I decided to start, using the most simple (but still fun) glitch I could find; the Wordpad Effect. Underneath you can see the original, then below that, the glitched version! Please let me know what you think!

Note: Not my original creation! Taken from stAllio’s way blog: http://blog.animalswithinanimals.com/2008/08/databending-and-glitch-art-primer-part.html




If you want to know how to do it, here it is!

  1. Get an image that is an uncompressed bitmap; .tif, .bmp, or photoshop .raw (note the dimensions)
  2. Copy the image if you don’t want to lose it
  3. Open Wordpad (comes free with windows) and click open
  4. Select ‘All files types (*.*)’, and find your image
  5. Wordpad will take a few seconds to format it, then when a load of gibberish appears on the screen (this is the code for the picture). Click save.
  6. Find your picture and look at the glitch!

Glitch Art/Pure Data

At school we have been asked to participate in the Arts Award, an award for getting young people involved in art. I decided to do a project on Glitch Art, intentionally glitching images or sounds to create an artistic effect. One of the things I will use is Pure Data, a program for building programs like a flowchart. In my first try, I made a slider that uses the speakers to play Middle C, and can be slid, going up an octave!

Banking For 11-yr olds

Today, I suddenly decided that I wanted a bank account. One that I could pay online with, get good interest, and withdraw from easily. My first idea was to look at moveyourmoney.org.uk, a website that lets you sort different banks based on Honesty, Customer Service, Culture, Impact On Economy and Ethics. One good one I found was the Coventry Building Society. Their ‘Intro’ account means that with a minimum of 20 pounds, 11-17 year olds can have a ‘Cash-link’ card, save up, and earn interest. You have to apply at a branch, on the phone, or get them to send you an application form. I went for the third one, so I’ll update when it arrives.


Book Review

As I am going into King Edwards Five Ways, I have to complete four challenges. One of these is a book review for ‘The Sleeping Army’ which I will show here.

KEFW Book Review Challenge

The Sleeping Army, Francesca Simon

The Sleeping Army is written by the same person who writes Horrid Henry, but is a very different style. Whereas Horrid Henry is funny, The Sleeping Army (and its sequel, Lost Gods) is more a serious adventure, and less light-hearted. It is based around the concept that Christianity/Judaism did evolve, but died out, with the Norse Religion (of the Vikings) becoming the biggest religion in Britain, and possibly many other places.

It is set in London in the year 5011 (measured from Woden’s birth, not Jesus’s) and many people have stopped going to Fanes (the Viking equivalent of Church) because the gods haven’t been seen for centuries. A young girl called Freya blows a horn she finds in the British Museum, which turn some nearby chess pieces into one Berserker and two slaves. This all leads to having an adventure to save the gods, with youth-giving apples.

I like this story, because of the idea of the Norse religion being the norm, especially when the main character has to answer in a test “What would the world be like today if Christianity was the main religion?”. This is a swap from real life, where Christianity was imposed upon the Vikings. It also teaches a lot about the Viking faith, such as the God’s names, and their rites and customs. The Vikings were pagan, because they weren’t (for a while) Christian, although interestingly, some thought of Christ as a God independently.

Minecraft Mods

It has been a very long time since I posted anything, so I’ll try to make this an extra long one 😉

So much has happened since… Wednesday #10 (Anyone remember the actual date?). We did get a new car, we got a trailer that unfolded into a tent (and used it), I joined a coding club…

But here are some even more interesting things. For a start, I made a minecraft server, using a circuit board, my iPod and many tutorials. I also managed to move this blog so you can now go to jammyhomeschool.tk for the same website. But (arguably) best of all, I have started minecraft mods! For those who don’t know what these are, they are changes to the game of Minecraft to enhance or to make your game easier/harder. These include the much-needed addition of Toast! My goal is to be able to release these for anyone to use.

Wednesday #10

After spending a while on Khan Academy, looking at programs, I was asked to mow (both of) our gardens. When doing, this I found out that our electric – not fuelled –  lawn mower is so old, as soon as the power turned on, it started going by itself! This was because the start button had been stuck down (This was later fixed). Afterwards, we went out, driving for about half an hour, to a hand car wash. We got our car washed (amazing) then went to a car dealership to try and sell our car. We will likely be getting our new car tomorrow!